Polo Desk Chair

Linear and modern-minded. Cream-colored upholstery lends a clean, crisp look to an adjustable desk chair, with a black-iron base complete with casters and a contemporary swivel.

Thoughtful details add character to counter, bar or table. Swivel seating is covered in cotton canvas, linen blends and rich leathers. Dark or weathered gray solid wood frames are characterized by slim tapers, soft splays and curved stretchers.

  • COLORS: Savile Flax, Midnight Iron, Satin Brass
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 22.00"w x 23.50"d x 34.25"h
  • MATERIALS: 92% Pl, 8% Li, Iron, Stainless Steel
  • STYLE: Industrial style, Classic contemporary style, Bohemian
  • LEAD TIME: Moderate (2-4 weeks)
  • WEIGHT: 23.02 lb