Asha Marble Sculpture

A rectangular black marble base supports sculptural decor of rust-colored marble rich with beautiful movement . Makes for an organic-spun conversation starter in any space.

Art and functionality come together in the form of evocative, upcycled furnishings. Tabletops and flat surfaces feature one-of-a-kind antiqued metal patinas. Refurbished steel, cast iron, cogs and footings from old factories or warehouses connect the feeling of each piece back to the original use and origin of the materials.

  • COLORS: Black Marble, Tumbled Rust
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 7.75"w x 4.00"d x 13.00"h
  • MATERIALS: Solid Marble
  • STYLE: Industrial style, Classic contemporary style, Bohemian
  • LEAD TIME: Moderate (2-4 weeks)
  • WEIGHT: 6.39 lb